The Clarion Inn Pigeon Forge Tn is one of the best locations to stay when visiting the Pigeon Forge area. When you look at the Ratings on TripAdvisor, for example, it has been ranked the number one (#1) Hotel in Pigeon Forge for the past few years. This might not be what you would expect but hundreds of reviewers cannot be wrong. The Clarion Inn Dollywood Area is located on Waldens Main Street and is only a quick 700 feet from the main Parkway that runs through the center of Pigeon Forge. It is easy to get around the area by foot or Trolley because of its location.

Near The Island

The Pigeon Forge Clarion Inn is only a short couple of blocks from “The Island”. The Island is one of the more recent editions to the Pigeon Forge area with plenty of fun and shopping for the family to enjoy. You can even see the large 200 foot Great Smoky Mountain Ferris Wheel from the upper floors of the Clarion Inn.

Ratings for the Clarion Inn at Pigeon Forge

The Good:
As you look at all of the reviews, you are going to be amazed that there are almost none that are under average. In truth, when you look at the numbers and graph below, you might think that they are wrong. Based on TripAdvisor Reviews , this Hotel rates #1 in Pigeon Forge, Tn and has for a number of years. You don’t get to this level and stay there without doing something right. The staff is always friendly and helpful while the front desk is also available to help with getting tickets to the local attractions. The rooms are clean and well kept and the breakfast, with an omelet bar, is top notch for a hotel like this. One thing you will probably be surprised by is the evening snack that the Clarion Inn offers. You will not find many hotels that go above and beyond like this one does.

Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average 98
Average 1
Below Average 1

The Bad:
The other 1%. No Hotel has a 100% approval rating so you have to look at the bad with the good. You do have to read between the lines a little when the poor ratings are only had by a select few people having problems on their stay. The biggest complaint had to do with the cleaning staff and how some would ask to clean the room even when the do not disturb sign was on the door.

Rooms and Suites

There are only a couple different types of Rooms at the Clarion and although they are not huge, they are said to be very comfortable and clean. There is also a King Jacuzzi Room with an In-Room Jacuzzi tub for those looking for a nice romantic evening together.

Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool with Lazy River

The Clarion Inn at Pigeon Forge gives its guests the best experience all the way around. The Indoor Pool is not huge but it does give a nice place to relax and take a swim even when it is cold outside. There is also a large Hot Tub for the adults to enjoy. Outside, when the weather is warm, you also get to enjoy a Pool, Water Slide and a Lazy River.

Find out more information at the Clarion Inn Pigeon Forge Amenities.

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