Of course there has to be a number of good Gatlinburg Hotels with Indoor Water Park to select from, right? If you are talking about Gatlinburg and the surrounding area, the answer would be “yes” but at this time, there is only a single Gatlinburg Hotel with Indoor Water Park. Any time you visit this part of Tennessee you will be staying at the base of the Smoky Mountains and you will always get some of the prettiest views you have ever seen. If you have not been to this region before, you are really in for a treat. Driving through these winding roads you would never expect to find such a gem as Gatlinburg.

Best Gatlinburg Hotels with Indoor Water Park

This is actually a very easy process since there is only one Hotel in Gatlinburg with Indoor Water Park to choose from. But, even if there were others, this one really stands out. If you head just north of the main strip that runs through Gatlinburg and get on SR 321 you will come upon the very large Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort. This location maintains the Wild Bear Falls Indoor Water Park and has a number of water activities to enjoy. You might think that if you stay at the Resort you would automatically get a free pass to this Outdoor and Indoor Water Park of wonder but you would be mistaken.

There are a total of 60,000 square feet of water splashing fun so it is big enough to accommodate a pretty large crowd. Be sure to stay for the day so you are able to take in the large 350 foot water slide as well as a long 900 foot Lazy River. The smaller ones will have a great time splashing in the Kiddie Zone created just for them.

Maybe a Mini-Water Park will do

It could be that you don’t really need all of the features included with the Gatlinburg Hotels with Indoor Water Park. How about something that is still very nice, but not quite as big? There are other properties in Gatlinburg offering water fun features that will still bring enjoyment. Many of these properties might not be as large, or as expensive as a full water park, but they are offered with the room rate which is a huge plus.

Maybe all you are looking for is a good hotel with features like an indoor water slide. If that is the case, take a look at The Park Vista Doubletree Hilton. Maybe having the relaxation and fun of an Indoor Lazy River would be more to your liking. Although it is small, it is indoors and is a lot of fun for the kids to float around at the Sleep Inn & Suites Gatlinburg.

Many different options

As you can see, there are a number of different locations to offer the fun of Water Park Features that are under cover for your enjoyment, no matter what the weather is outside.

Gatlinburg Hotels with Indoor Water Park

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