At a Glance

    1. Indoor Pool:
    2. Yes
    3. Outdoor Pool:
    4. Yes
    5. Heated Pool:
    6. Yes
    7. Lazy River:
    8. Yes
    9. Water Slide:
    10. Yes
    11. Hot Tub:
    12. Yes
    13. Zero Entry:
    14. Yes
    15. Kiddie Area:
    16. Yes
    17. Wave Pool:
    18. No

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It doesn’t matter if you are staying in the Music Road Hotel or the Music Road Inn. Both of these locations have full access to the Music Road Resort Water Park. Only guests of the resort have access to the Water Park which makes it very nice for those visiting. Whenever you have a property that does not allow the public to their amenities, it will always be less crowded for their guests.

Water Slide anyone?

It may not be huge in comparison to a full scale water park but the Wet fun you will have at the Music Road Hotel is much better than just having access to a swimming pool. You would have to admit that when you add a Water Slide, Lazy River and constant flowing mushroom fountain, the kids are going to love you for it.

Indoor Pool

While not really considered a Water Park feature, the Indoor Heated pool is great during the Winter months or if you just want to get away from the heat of outdoors. There is also a nice Hot Tub for the Adults to enjoy.

Take a closer look

Dig deeper into the water fun at the Quick Facts about the Water Park.