Times of Operation

Year Round Hours
10am to 9pm
Wonder Dog Cafe
10am to 9pm
* Hours are subject to change without notice

Impossible to miss the Pigeon Forge Wonderworks building

It truly is one of those attractions that stand out from all of the others around it. The Pigeon Forge Wonderworks attraction is unique in that the building you enter, looks like a house flipped upside down. That alone is intriguing enough for most visitors to pull in the parking lot, if for no other reason than to get a closer look.

What is Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge?

That is the best question of all! I would say it is part Entertainment and part Education, Edu-tainment or Enter-cation if you will. The fun begins from the moment you step in to the upside-down structure. The Wonderworks Pigeon Forge entry room is also flipped around. You will find yourself walking on the ceiling and looking at the floor above you, wait…what? So after going through and spinning tunnel, everything gets turned right side up again and you begin the real journey.

Wonderworks Pigeon Forge Fun

Some of the Zones you will experience include: Natural Disasters, Light and Sound, Space Discovery and a Far Out Art Gallery. Everything you come upon is an interactive exhibit in one way or another. You will find yourself, at all ages, amazed at the adventure and excited to show your family the next thing you come across.

Fun and Games

There is even more to experience, like an Indoor Ropes course that towers at 40 feet above the ground in some places. The Laser Tag arena is a great location to show who has the best aiming and sneaky skill-set.

Parking and Transportation

There is plenty of free parking right in the front of the Wonderworks Pigeon Forge Tn attraction.

Wonderworks Pigeon Forge Reviews

The Good:
Many guests love that there are so many things to do and it is all Indoor attractions to boot. There are so many activities and stuff to do. Wonderworks Pigeon Forge is great for all ages.

Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average 73
Average 15
Below Average 12

The Bad:
It is pretty incredible when you look at the negative reviews on the Pigeon Forge Wonderworks indoor amusement park. They almost all say the same thing. It is way overcrowded. Not much else is said but for those guests who felt cramped, they certainly did not feel they got their money’s worth.

Before visiting any attraction, you should take a look at the Wonderworks Pigeon Forge TripAdvisor Reviews to see all of the latest and up to date reviews.

How long does it take?

Depending on your speed, if you are going to do each and every attraction, you will want to allow yourself at least 3 – 4 hours to get through Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge. If you have younger kids, they may take a while longer to complete everything possible. Your ticket is good for the day, so enjoy it while you are there.

Special Note:

Get there early and make a bee-line for the Ropes Course first. This attraction is very popular and gets backed up quickly. The line moves rather slow so it can be a long wait later in the day.

Wonder Dog Cafe

Yes, you can get food at the Wonder Dog Cafe. The cafe is open from 10am til 9pm (the same hours as Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge). Get a fresh hand tossed pizza, hot dogs and your favorite Pepsi beverage.

Ride Restrictions at Wonderworks Pigeon Forge

Glow in the Dark Ropes Course at the Wonderworks Indoor Amusement Park in Pigeon Forge

Glow in the Dard Ropes Challenge

A little bit scary but it is a great adventure and one of the most fun attractions at Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge. Get harnessed in for your protection as you make your way around this 4 story structure. It might be a challenge but it is a fun family event.

Ropes Course Ride Restrictions:
  • Must Be at least 42″ with an Adult or 48″ alone
  • Max Height: 80 inches
  • Max Weight: 300 pounds
  • Closed Shoes Required and Proper Dress
  • No Skirts or Dresses
  • If over 18, Waiver is Required

Virtual Earthqake at Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge Tn

Earthquake Cafe

Your whole family can get in this Virtual Earthquake cafe box and see what it felt like during the ’89 San Francisco Bay Earthquake with magnitude of 5.3.

Earthquake Ride Restrictions:
  • Must Be at least 36″

Astronaut Training Gyroscope for 4 guests at the Wonderworks Indoor Amusement Park in Pigeon Forge

Astronaut Training

Make sure you do this one before you grab lunch. The Astronaut Training Challenge straps 4 guests in a gyrocsope where you will spin in different directions. You will have the sensation of weightlessness at times.

Astronaut Ride Restrictions:
  • Must Be at least 54″
  • Max Height: 74 inches
  • Max Weight: 225 pounds
  • Must wear hair up

Kids on the Extreme 360 Bike Ride at the Wonderworks Indoor Amusement Park in Pigeon Forge

Extreme 360 Bikes

An Extreme Bike Ride? How does that work? When you see it in action, you definitely understand why they call this ride extreme. Your seats are positioned on a swinging arm and your job is to pedal enough to get it to loop end over end.

Extreme 360 Bike Ride Restrictions:
  • Must Be at least 58″
  • Max Weight: 250 pounds
  • Closed Shoes only

When is Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge the Busiest?

  • Spring Break (mid-March through April)
  • Memorial Day
  • Most of the Summer
  • Christmas

Add some Magic to your Experience

If you still want more, upgrade your ticket to include The Wonders of Magic with Terry Evanswood. Come enjoy a 75 minute show designed to give you the experience of a lifetime. This show has been created to be viewed by all age groups. You will enjoy everything from impersonations to music and magic along with grand scale illusions. You will be amazed and wonder how it is all done when you leave the theatre. Terry received the “Merlin Award” from the International Magicians Society. This is considered “The Oscar” in the magician’s world.

What else?

There are plenty of other exhibits, each interactive in there own way, in fact The WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge is designed to give you more than 100 hands on exhibits. This is one of those experiences to have with your whole family. Wonderworks has locations all over the US and is always trying to find ways to excite visitors.