If you are looking for luxury, the Colonial House Motel Rooms might not be exactly what you are looking for but if you are interested in good value and a clean place to stay, it is a good bet that this might be the place for you. Be sure that you understand that this is a motel and the rooms are accessible from a outside walkway.

River Views from the Colonial House Motel?

It is true that all of the guestrooms on the backside of this Motel have a picturesque view of the Little Pigeon River. In fact, it the South River Road was not in the way, you would literally be right on top of the banks of the river. There is a row of large pine trees between you and the river but sitting on the balcony in the evenings, you get a good earful of the sounds rustling by.


Most people say that this Motel is very clean and that the people running it are very friendly. Most of the rooms are standard with basically a place to lie down and take a shower. Some of the rooms are a little bigger and offer amenities like an in-room Jacuzzi or a Fireplace. Take a look at all of the Rooms Facts.

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