A stay at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek Gatlinburg Tn puts you in the middle of the Smoky Mountains while also providing all of the updated amenities you expect from a 4-Star property in Gatlinburg Tennessee. The views alone are spectacular at the Buckberry Creek Lodge as it is located with all around, perfect views of the Smoky Mountains. All of the sights are filled with the beauty of the Tennessee Mountains and the Lodge itself will make you feel as if you are staying in your very own Cabin Resort.

This property does not have Water Park amenities but has been added to this site to give our visitors a more complete listing of Hotels, Resorts and Lodges in the area.

Suites for every occasion

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek offers a total of 44 Suites for their guests. Each suite offers plenty of space to move around and they are all designed to give you that Rustic Cabin feel while also giving you the best amenities and comfort in the area. Every room, from the Lodge Suites up to the Grand Suites, has a Cozy Fireplace for those cold evenings in the Mountains and a large Balcony with seating to enjoy your morning coffee overlooking the beauty that surrounds you.

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek Reviews


As you look through the Tripadvisor Reviews for The Lodge at Buckberry Creek, it is immediately known that this is a place that you will want to visit. The approval rating is one of the highest you will see in Gatlinburg Tennessee with an above Average rating of over 91%. It seems that everyone who visits this Lodge wants everyone else to know how wonderful it is. Not only do you have the amazing views of the Smoky Mountains around you but staying in a Rustic Cabin type of resort with Suites and comfortable living spaces is difficult to top. The staff is ready to meet all of the needs that you might have and work hard to make sure that your Suite stays clean and up to date. It is nice to walk out of your Suite and walk the different paths taking you to the nearby creek where you can enjoy the coolness of the water. This is a great place to take a picnic and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with that special someone that you brought with you. Although the rooms are designed to have a rustic, cabin feel, they are very comfortable and clean. The views are the best around.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 91%
Average - 5%
Below Average - 4%

There are very few negatives about this Resort. I think the most frustration comes from not understanding the Dining schedule and when the on-site restaurant is open for dinner. This can be confusing because it is open on different days based on the time of the year. Please check out our The Lodge at Buckberry Creek Restaurant for additional details. This will help iron out some of the confusion if you decide to visit.

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* Rating Levels were created from TripAdvisor information at the time of adding this property. Please check the The Lodge at Buckberry Creek TripAdvisor Reviews to see if any changes to the ratings have changed before booking.

Outdoor Pool

This is one thing that really surprises most guests, there is not an Indoor or Outdoor Pool at the Buckberry Lodge. Since this is a Four Star property, you would expect this but you will not find one on the premises.

Things to Do at The Buckberry Lodge

Hiking, Walking and enjoying the Scenery around you. Yes, that is about it but if you are looking for a place to get away from it all and still have the option of driving to Gatlinburg, the Buckberry Lodge is the perfect place for this. The property is very large and it has plenty of places outside to enjoy. Sitting by the fire-pit and just enjoying time together will build the relationship as there are not any distractions around you.

Spa Treatment

When you first drive up to Buckberry Creek Lodge, you might not expect to get a Spa treatment. It is an elegant, rustic lodge after all. Although you will not find a large Spa area at the lodge, they do offer treatments, like a deep massage, in the privacy of your own Suite.


Enjoy the most incredible Indoor and Outdoor Dining at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek Restaurant. Breakfast is served Daily at the restaurant and Dinner hours change throughout the year. Take a look at the Restaurant page to find out additional information on this great place to dine in the Smoky Mountains.