Home to a 2 acre outdoor AND an 80,000 square foot indoor water park the Wyndham Great Smokies Lodge and Water Park boasts some good ‘ole family fun to splash for! Opening in 2009, they have been ranked as the 4th best place to stay in the Pigeon Forge area.

So much Water Park Fun

Enjoy multiple tube and body slides, an indoor wave pool and water playground just right for the smaller ones. The Adventure Lazy River is nice as well. I have to say the coolest thing would have to be the Foil Tech roof that guests can enjoy year-round tanning. It’s pretty incredible that you can still tan in the middle of winter. There is an awesome outdoor racing slide that you can lay on mats (stomach down) and race one another to the bottom.

Climb away

Another unique aspect of this resort is the rope course. After being strapped in a harness you are set loose on a course that will test your balance and agility while walking across a variety of course like ventures. It’s almost like an obstacle course. It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen but if you are into adventure, this is something you will definitely want to try. Make sure that when you are reserving that you understand that you will only get water passes for the maximum that your accommodations can hold. For example: The one bedroom unit only sleep 4 which means you will only have access to 4 water park passes. Keep this in mind because there will be no way to buy additional passes as this park is only open to guests and is not open to the public.


The accommodations at the Wyndham Great Smokies Lodge range from 1 to 3 bedroom Condos all with sofa beds in the living area and full kitchens. The decor is very modern with with a fresh clean look. The 1 bedroom amenities consist of a king size bed and some with a whirlpool tub in the master bath. The 2 bedrooms feature a king bed in the master and some with a whirlpool tub in master bath. The second bedroom provides bedding that will vary so be sure to ask when reserving. The 3 bedrooms will provide a king size bed and some with a whirlpool tub in the master, the second and third bedrooms are spacious; bedding will vary. There will be 2 baths in these units. The full list of room and suite types can be found on our amenities page.

Be aware: You will only get water park passes to accommodate up to how many people can stay in that unit. Be sure to confirm what that “maximum” is upon booking. Although the unit may technically sleep more the hotel will determine the max and often times the unit ends up sleeping less in the hotel’s eyes. Before booking via owner direct make sure you will still have access to the water park(s). Wyndham will try to sell you a timeshare so have a “just say no” attitude if you do not want to be hounded and pressured. The sofa beds tend to be not as comfy.

Did you know that the Great Smokies Wyndham Resort and Water Park caters to groups and reunions? From customizable menus to condo accommodations the event staff will customize to fit needs and budgets. Event planning includes family reunions, retirement parties, military formals, sporting events, graduation, retirements, sweet sixteen and Quinceanera Celebrations to name a few. Not only that but your group will have access to an on-site A/V and a pretty big dance floor.

Full Resort Information can be found in a consolidated list on the Quick Facts page.