Satelite Map of Pigeon Forge Comfort Inn & Suites at Dollywood Lane

The name might be a little confusing since the Comfort Inn & Suites Dollywood Lane Map shows that this Hotel is located on the Parkway. That is right, this Comfort in is not “On” Dollywood Lane, rather it is located “At” Dollywood Lane. When you visit Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg for the first time, the way places are marked might be a little different from what you are used to. Many businesses will tell you a “Traffic Light Number” they are located at. Since this Comfort Inn is located at the Dollywood Lane Light, that is probably how they named it. Anyway, it is right across from the Intersection of Parkway and Dollywood Lane.


This is also confusing because Dollywood Theme Park is not on Dollywood Lane, it is on Veterans Blvd. Sure Dollywood Lane turns in to Veterans Blvd but for new comers, this can get a little mystifying.

Not too far from The Island

As you look at the Map of the Comfort Inn and Suites at Dollywood Lane, you can certainly see that The Island is not right next door. It is a few miles north on the Parkway but easy enough to get there and worth taking the time.

Park and Ride – Pigeon Forge Trolley

There is a Fun Time Trolley pickup location right beside the Comfort Inn at Dollywood Lane, just in front of the Denny’s Restaurant. This is an inexpensive way to get back and forth from many attractions in Pigeon Forge.

Comfort Inn at Dollywood Lane

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