Are you looking for pure luxury on your trip? If so, the Wilderness at the Smokies Sanctuary Villas Sevierville Tn are the place to be. These incredible Golf Front Villas are designed to give you the very best in accommodations and amenities during your visit. Each of the Sanctuary Villas Sevierville Tn at the Wilderness Lodge are fully equipped with everything you could ever need, with a spacious up-to-date Kitchen complete with granite counter tops, full size appliances and amazing craftsmanship. Honestly, it will be hard to leave once you have stayed here for a while.

Plenty of space for all

When we say plenty of space, we really mean it. The smallest Sanctuary Villas at Wilderness at the Smokies is a full 2,826 square feet with room for up to 12 guests while the largest boasts a full 3,667 square feet with space for 16. Not only do you have size but you have the comforts of home that are completely furnished and ready for your stay.

Sanctuary Villas Sevierville Tn with Jacuzzi and Fireplace

Perfect for a Romantic Getaway, each of the Sanctuary Villas Sevierville Tn have a Gas Fireplace and the Master Bath also has a Jacuzzi Tub. It really doesn’t matter why you are staying at the Sanctuary Villas, having a Jetted Tub is a nice addition at the end of a day of heavy walking or even playing at all of the Water Fun at the Wilderness Resort. Pull out a book and cozy up near the Fireplace where you can relax or just carry on a good family conversation. Everything is first class so take a look and see if they are a good fit for your next trip.

A short way from the Main Wilderness at the Smokies Resort

The Sanctuary Villas Sevierville Tn are not in the same area as the rest of the resort. They are actually located almost a mile down Old Knoxville Highway on Pheasant Ridge Road. I wouldn’t let that concern you too much though, being in a more secluded area can be a good thing if you really don’t want to be around all of the noise during your stay. Remember, you are staying at the Wilderness at the Smokies Resort and therefore have access to all of the Amenities that they provide all of their guests.

Additional Tips

Things to Consider when staying at the Sanctuary Villas:

  • Quiet is what you will get when you stay at the Sanctuary Villas.
  • These Accommodations are amazing. Everything is completely up to date and the Kitchens are magnificent.
  • Staying on the Golf course is very pretty during the summer but can be a little drab heading into the winter months.

Full information about the Sanctuary Villas in Sevierville Tn can be found at the Quick Facts page.